Hello Team!

Thanks for coming to the meeting on Monday evening. It was fun seeing everyone and all of your great energy and enthusiasm. We are going to have a fantastic season!

Just a reminder that we have a ride today. We’ll meet at the depot at 3:30 for a great ride up railroad grade. It may be warm this afternoon so be prepared. Bring water or an electrolyte drink such as gatorade. I would also suggest a vest or simliar layer. Coming down may be chilly.

You have mountiain bike team homework!
If I have your email address I’ve invited you to register at “The Pit Zone”. Each of you needs a parent or guardian to assist you when registering. If you or your parent/gaurdian have questions they can send me an email.

By Sunday’s ride everyone will need to have the necessary materials to change an inner tube. This includes the following:
inner tube
patch kit
tire levers
CO2 inflator and cartridge and/or pump
I prefer to carry both an inflator and pump. Sometimes inflators mis-fire. If you’ve only one and no pump you’re out of luck and are in for a long, slow ride or walk home. We’ll be checking to make sure everyone has what they need before we roll out. If you have any questions about what you need let me know.

My email is below. Please ensure you keep this on file and pass this along to your parents.
[email protected]