Hello Team-

After just a few practices I am seeing a significant difference in many riders. Just a few weeks ago we had our first practice and many of you barely made it up to double bow knot. We are now simply doing that as a warmup!
Cycling is a very unique sport in that practicing is essential for three reasons. Skill, fitness and confidence. These attributes erode rapidly without repetitive and, most importantly, consistent work. As we practice we build our engines, our cardiovascular system, and the many handling and sensory skills required to navigate the bike through complicated, technical scenarios.
Whether you’re watching a mountain stage in the Tour de France…seeing riders ascend amazing cols with incredible ease or perhaps an extreme downhiller bombing down a seemingly impossible course or a crazy youtube video of gravity defying freestyle tricks they all have one thing in common.
Those skills you see professional cyclists perform are not pre-destined….they are practiced over and over and over. The easier those cyclist you’re watching make it seem you can rest assured they have practiced many, many hours with solid dedication.
As your coach I am beginning to see your promise. For those who have regularly made it to practices (I know who you are) I am seeing improvement already. Again…the key is consistency. Building your engine and skills and, perhaps most importantly, confidence is a process which is only completed through consistent practice.
Those who have made it to all of our practices have found that they are a blast! We’ve covered different trails on every practice, allowing for good variety and fun. We have lots of regroup points which allow those riders who want to really push themselves to do so and those who are still learning the ropes and getting their skills honed to go a little easier. I am particularly proud of the riders who are familiar with Tam and share insights about every turn for those, including myself, who may not have ridden those trails.
Get a good nights sleep on Saturday. You will be participating in this seasons first time trial. We will warm up riding railroad until we get to the water/first aid station. The time trail will depart from there and go just a bit further up railroad. The entire tt will be less than ten minutes for most. We will be recording your results and will conduct one, possibly two more tt’s before the season is out. Rider’s will be sent up individually…you against the clock. After the tt we will decide collectively as a group where we want to ride for the rest of our practice.
We still have some riders who do not have the proper materials to change a flat. Those items are: innertube, tire levers, pump/CO2 cartridge & dispenser. I have allowed you to ride without those materials but will be checking on Sunday.
Second item is your bicycle. We have had a few instances of bicycles not being deemed to be in “proper working order”. Loose cranks, slow leaks, dry chains, etc. If you feel your bike needs a tune-up, or I have talked to you about needing to address maintenance issues please get that done. It is not only for your safety but for your teammates also. Have your bike checked…clean, lubed and looked over by a professional or knowledgable mechanic.
I would like those interested in a basic bike class to email me directly. I will be covering gearing, braking and changing a tube as well as answering any of your questions. Once I get a headcount I will get the clinic scheduled.
As of Wednesdays ride there were only two riders registered with the league. I have sent everyone an invite, along with instructions to have your parents/guardians assist you with the process. Unless you are registered you cannot race.
Please pass along that your parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to join us on our rides. We have a few who are already regulars and would love to see more!
Thats it for now. Hope to see everyone on Sunday!