Weather got you down? Throw an extra layer on and get on with it……and just ride.

Thats exactly what our small but dedicated crew did this afternoon. Despite threatening skies, a chill in the air and a little wind we pressed on….which is an integral part of cycling.
Maybe a little rain will delay or cancel a baseball game, teams take time-outs whenever they feel its necessary in football and the referee in basketball can stop the clock on a whim. Cycling is a little different. No time outs, rarely a cancelled race due to weather and…..most importantly…the clock never stops. And if you do you can be sure that your competitor hasn’t.
As a team we take every precaution to exercise safety. If weather is threatening to make conditions hazardous we do put safety first.
Today’s ride was a great example of checking the blog. Those who did benefitted from a great ride up railroad and a fast descent down Hoo Koo E Koo. Ninety minutes on the bike. Done. (and you missed a wicked wheelie dual between Bob and Spence)
I encourage everyone to ride under various conditions. Dressing correctly, with layers that can be peeled off coupled with a rain jacket and knee and arm warmers is perfect for this time of year and will go a long way to an enjoyable ride. For those who are not sure of what type of clothing they should have please let me know.