Because of ski week and the number of rider’s who will be away we will have our usual departure. 9am from the depot. Intended route is up railroad, coastal and diaz ridge. Wear layers and bring plenty of food and water. Lots of regroups.

I was out on Tam today in the snow! Three pairs of gloves did the trick. Check it out.
Also..we only have a few riders who are registered to race, and fewer that are “race ready” with all their paperwork filled out and submitted. The following riders are registered to race:
Bob S, Isaac, Nick, Dylan K, Shane, Jack B, Spence and Max. Shane, John and Max are the only riders showing as “race ready”.
February 23rd is the last day to register for the league and to race in Granite Bay. The 21st is the last day to mail in paperwork. If you have any questions regarding registering you can contact me at [email protected] If you have questions about paperwork you can contact Blair at [email protected]
We have talked with each of you about this during nearly every ride. Please…if you want to race you need to get yourself registered and you need a parent or guardian to assist you.
Hope to see you all tommorrow!