I hope those who are racing Sunday had a chance to get out on their own if they didn’t join us on Wednesday. We got in some good technical skills on Tenderfoot and fast down-hilling on Hoo Koo E Koo. A steady tempo and lots of regroups made for a great ride.

I know some on the team have competing commitments with school activities but if you are available to ride with the team you really need to do so. I cannot stress enough the importance of practice. A simple ride up railroad, regardless of speed and intensity, has tremendous benefits. Riding is not always about going hard all the time.
A well known coach once said “my best riders do the least amount of work”. To translate, they do only what they need to in a race…sitting in, conserving, metering out their effort. Those same riders “always practice” he went on to say.
Something I’ve always said to my junior riders is “if it comes down to a strong rider or smart rider….I’ll take the smart rider and I’ll win every time.” Does a win in cycling come down to a sprint? Well…yes, quite a bit. But its the back story of how those riders got to that sprint that is more important. In my mind cycling is very close to chess. You need to understand what you can and can’t do and when “to go”.
Developing skills in cycling demands repetition through steady, focused practice. As I said a few blogs ago, those riders who have been to more practices (and I know who you are because I’ve been to every ride) are showing tremendous improvements. Practice….’nuff said.
Question of the day on the blog. Can you pick out who has the new bike and who has the demo? The first to respond with the correct answer gets a small prize. (riders on the ride are, of course, excluded)