Hello Team-

Well….our season is officially underway. We’ve had our first few training rides and even snuck in a prologue to boot. As I’ve expressed to each of you before, I couldn’t be happier with our team. We’ve got a great squad. Each of you bring your own story, personality and skills to your team. We are going to surprise ourselves, each other and our opponents this year!

Goals. Every rider, from Leadville 100 champions to Lance to local criterium racers have them. Goals are the things that propel you to get better along the way and help you achieve things you never thought possible. They help you with adversity, overcoming a setback and…well…sometimes…just getting through the day.

So…you’re homework assignment. I need each of you to provide me with three goals you’re setting for yourself this season.

Goal 1: short-term. Think of a goal you’d like to reach in a short period of time. Our next TT is around the corner. Maybe beating that? Maybe beating all of your lap times at Granite Bay on the 13th? Something achievable and near-term.

Goal 2: a little further out. A challenge….something that will really push you. “I want to ride railroad, to coastal and diaz ridge without stopping and without unclipping. I won’t quit until I achieve my goal, regardless of how long it takes.”

Goal 3: the stretch. Give yourself a goal that seems unrealistic to you now, something that you might just not reach. “I want to podium a race by the end of the season.” Screw it…”I want to win a race this year!” Understand that this goal may not be achieved. Thats ok…this goal has nothing to do with achievement and everything to do with effort.

A few tips with goals.
1. Make them specific. Goals such as “I want to ride faster” and “I want to be better” are non specific. Give yourself a goal that can be measured or quantified in some form. You’ll know when your goal has been accomplished.
2. Tell me specifically how you plan to reach your goals. How exactly are you going to go about achieving the goals you set for yourself?
3. Tell me what support you feel you need to reach your goals. Be as specific as possible.
4. Put ’em in front of you. Put them as a screensaver, tape them to your top tube, sew them inside your jersey, whatever…just as long as you see them everyday.
5. If you’re comfortable..share them with your teammates. Floating a goal to your peers allows them to understand what your goals are. It also increases your sense of urgency. Your teammates now know…..can you live up to it?
As I said in our initial parent/rider meeting my first goal as your coach is for you and our team to have fun. This is not serious. We’re riding bikes. Go hard, drive yourself, push the envelope but….have fun! That won’t change but I do want to understand your personal goals with the team…..what you want to learn and achieve. If you need help defining your goals let me know.

So…thats the assignment. Ask each other what they’re thinking about for their three goals, chat with your parents, whatever. But please put effort and thought into these goals. They’re important in helping me as your coach and important for you to push you just a little bit further than you thought you could go.

Please email me your goals by Saturday and cc your parents.

Coach Paul