Hello Team-

As you all know we have a few generous sponsors who are responsible for our teams funding. They voluntarily give to our club less with an eye toward self promotion than out of the goodness of their heart and the understanding that their dollars go towards providing each of you a safe learning environment to get out on your bikes and have fun.
As a small thank you I’m asking each of you to make yourselves available for a mandatory team photo on Sunday the 24th. We’ll meet in front of Gus Gym at 9am for our photo shoot and then head off for a ride afterwards. I will try to coordinate a ride to China Camp. More details on that later.
Please show dressed and ready to ride for our photo. Ensure you are wearing your new team jersey and that it is clean. Once we have the photos developed we’ll have a copy for each of our sponsors in Mr. Hartquists room for all of you to sign. They’ll then be framed and personally delivered to our sponsors for them to display proudly.
Coach Paul