Hello Team-

Today finds the warmest weather of the year. I was out on the mountain yesterday and can tell you it is hot! Although I did my best in terms of hydration I still found myself taking in fluids after the ride at a high rate. Please be sure to drink water throughout the day and right up until today’s ride. I suggest at least one full large waterbottle. If you have two cages bring two bottles. Those with cambelbacks will be in good shape.
With the conditions as they are we will be making our ride on the short side. The plan is to go up railroad and down hoo koo e koo. See you at the depot @ 3:30. We are leaving promptly….no waiting for riders that “I just texted them…they left their house and should be here any second.”
Hope to see you all there on what is our next to last Wednesday ride.
p.s. Still waiting for official results to be posted on the Norcal site so I can post a complete race/season recap.
Coach Paul