The results are in. Boggs Mountain was….well…very, very good to Team Tam.

The majority of our team made it up the afternoon before for a few pre-ride recon laps to get a sense of the course and its conditions. There were three main issues the course offered. It was dry. It was also dry. And finally….it was dry. I’m not sure what was more dusty….the car ride into the park or the actual course ride. Either way we were all a dusty mess. That aside the venue offered stunning beauty and a great course.

After an evening of tucking into the local Mexican cuisine and a street trials demo in the restaurant parking lot we headed back to the motel. After a short motel parking lot slalom course we all turned in. The morning found great conditions that were…guess…dusty!

All results are posted but a selection of highlights include the following:
Brooke competed in her first race of this season and turned in two nearly identical laps and finished a solid mid-field placing with a clean race. Spence had what he termed the “race-of-my-season”, finishing third out of a field of thirty five in a very fast and competitive varsity field. Dillon was in a completely separate sophomore race of his own, finishing nearly two minutes ahead of second place. He also clocked what was the fastest feed zone pass through of the day. Skyler made his Tam race debut on the mountain and pulled a demanding second place out of a field of fifty in the JV race. Bjorn continued his ever-improving trajectory with sixteenth in the same field.

Our entire team had the race to end all races this past weekend. A big congratulations go out to all of our riders. You each had an amazing race and put forth yet another effort that surprises us all. Great job!

Each of your individual efforts Sunday, coupled with your previous races, have collectively given our team the reputation of fierce competitiveness. When I think of our team the thought of “quality versus quantity” comes to mind. We are certainly one of the smaller squads in the league but we have what I strongly feel are the best, most complete and well rounded riders in the area. Steep ascents, fast downhills, swooshy singletrack or highly technical courses…we approach all of these conditions with thought, a solid pre-ride and open discussion. I also want to commend each of you for your modest, good sportsmanship, chin-up approach. Results are great but conduct counts for so much more. Your riding and your demeanor is something you should all be proud of.

All of that in mind….the season standings speak for themselves. The sophomore podium steps are used Tam standing atop them with us taking three of them in nearly every race and at the season-end standings. Congratulations Dillon, Dominik and Dylan. Spence Peterson showed true grit with his effort on Sunday which yielded Tam a perch on the sixth varsity step for the season.

I would also like to personally congratulate those riders who are new, or nearly new, to either mountain biking, racing or both. Bike racing is tough. Its a hard sport. Being able to think clearly while gasping for breath and going bleary eyed is no easy feat. It takes conditioning, concentration, focus and stick-to-it-ness. I know from talking to many of the new riders that you are hooked. As us grizzly cycling veterans say “welcome to the dark side”.

Now…onto Los Olivos. Our final race and the state championship. Rich, Blair and I are working on logistical arrangements. You will hear from us shortly on that.

Congratulations again to each of you individually and collectively as a team.

Coach Paul