Ok…so there was this little thingy called the Railroad Grade TT. Remember…..the ten or so minutes that nearly made most of you puke? Yeah….that one. Well…its time to see who has done their homework and who hasn’t. Often called “the race of truth”, this is straight up bike racing and pits you against the clock. Your chance to redeem yourself is this coming Wednesday. We will once again run the same TT course to see how you have progressed over the season.

We will meet at the normal team ride time of 3:30 at the depot in what will be our last Wednesday practice of the season. We’ll do a slow roll up to the start just to get the legs warmed up.

As prep for the TT I suggest a good ride on Monday of a steady effort with a few intense hill repeat efforts. Three hard efforts of five minutes each with fifteen minutes of rest between. Take Tuesday off the bike and go for a short walk to keep your legs loose.

If you weren’t at the first TT you are welcomed to give it a try to see how you stack up to your teammates. No need to sign up…just show up….we’ll take care of the rest.

Coach Paul