Hello Tam High Mtn Bike Team. I trust you’ve enjoyed your winter break and hope you and your families have had a wonderful holiday.

Our first official team practice will be Wednesday January 11th. We’ll meet at Gus Gym at 3:30pm. The plan is to ride to the headlands. When we reach the parking lot we’ll split the group. Christy will take the girls to Tennessee Valley Beach and the boys will head upward for some climbing past the stables.

This is our first practice as a team this year. We have many returning riders and some newer riders. Consider this ride a social, low-key team camp. You do not have to be in exceptional shape for this ride. We’re not racing and not riding hard…just enjoying our first ride together as a team and welcoming those who are with us for the first time. We’ll have frequent regroups and a sweeper rider for those towards the back of the group.

Between now and our first ride I expect everyone to check on the condition of their bike. It needs to be operable and in good working order. Your shifting and brakes should work well, your tires inflated and holding air. If you or your parent/guardian are unsure if your bike is road worthy please drop it off at Tam Bikes for a tune-up. Quoc and his crew are an outstanding resource of ours. Please use them. If you have a flat tire or need help adjusting your bike at the start of the ride we are not able to hold the entire group for you.

Moving forward our practices meet at the Depot in downtown on Wednesdays at 3:30pm and Sundays at 9:00am unless otherwise noted.

Requirements for practicing with the team:
  1. adherence to the Rider Agreement Form
  2. bike in good working order
  3. materials necessary to fix a flat
  4. helmet (no helmet, no riding with the team. our insurance requires it)
I look forward to seeing everyone and getting to know the new riders. Its going to be another great year!

If anyone has any questions you can reach me at [email protected] or call 510-229-7415.
Coach Paul