Hello Team-

If you’re club dues have been paid you now have an email in your inbox inviting you to register with the league. Please do so asap. An email will be sent to you and your parent/guardian as a reminder. Don’t wait for that email reminder! Please take a few minutes with your parent/guardian and get registered today.
If you do not have an email inviting you to register your dues have not yet been submitted to the club and are now past due. Please submit them as soon as possible. Please have a check made payable to: Tam High Mtn Bike Club. It can be submitted to myself or Christy.
If you or your parent/guardian has any questions please let me know. As always…this blog is our primary form of communication. Check it every day and please pass along the address to your parent/guardian so they can check it as well.
Coach Paul
Coach Christy