Hello Team-

Inclement Weather-The Scoop
Sunday’s ride is scheduled to depart from the depot at 9:00am. In the case of potential inclement weather…….check the blog! Inclement weather has cancelled rides before. The rule of thumb is if the weather poses danger or makes conditions unsafe we cancel the ride. Safety takes precedent when it comes to all of our team activities. If it is raining we generally cancel but again…..check the blog! Last season we made the go/no go decision on a few rides as late as 45 minutes before our departure. I advise riders to be prepared to ride but ready to cancel.
Individual TT-“The Race of Truth”
For those who were with the team last year you remember the uphill TT, probably better than you care to. We will again have a season opening TT. Scheduled for January 25th the TT starts from the first aid/water station on Railroad Grade and goes uphill for between 7 and 14 minutes. This is a hard effort and is referred to as “the race of truth” in cycling circles. Its you against the clock. I would not focus on any specific training for the effort….the first season’s practice TT is to give you and your coaches a sense of your current fitness level. Over the next few weeks we will begin to introduce hill repeats/intervals to simulate race attacks and hard efforts to acclimate your body to threshold efforts.
I suggest no large amounts of food within 90-120 minutes of the TT and be well hydrated right up to the start of the TT. We will have at least two ride leaders/coaches at the TT which will give you the option of either heading straight down afterwards or doing a light, recovery spin on Hoo Koo E Koo. All riders wait at the TT finish until the last person is up so bring appropriate clothing to avoid getting chilled.
If weather cancels the TT on the 25th we will run it on the following Wednesday. I understand some practices may be missed for very good reasons. I urge you to make every effort to be at Wednesday’s TT practice. The run will provide you and your coaches with very good data to work with and will also give you a realistic idea of a race effort. Your results will also serve as a “before” look at your season opening fitness as we’ll run another TT on the same course towards the latter part of the season. Last year everyone improved!…the before/after results were very interesting….lots of riders surprised themselves.
Check the blog!
Coach Paul
Coach Christy