Hello Team-

Two days from today we will run our first Time Trial of 2012. For most everyone the ride will be less than 15 minutes but is undoubtedly an all-out-effort. From the first aid station you will be sent straight uphill, timed….you against the clock.
Quick preparation for the effort should be as follows:
  1. either no ride or a very easy spin on Tuesday. emphasis should be on high cadence and lower muscular tension. stay on the flats and spin quickly (90 rpms) and just for a few minutes. no riding is fine as well. you want to be fresh and recovered for wednesday.
  2. i suggest no food after lunch on wednesday but keep hydrated. at least a few bottles of water or electrolyte between lunch and the time trial.
  3. bring plenty of water/electrolyte with you. i also suggest a gu/gel or blocks/energy bar. your metabolism will be on overdrive after the effort and its a good window to fuel.
  4. we will release a rider every minute. all riders will wait at the end of the tt for everyone to finish so bring clothing to keep warm. you will get chilled if you don’t.
After the tt you’ll have two options for the balance of the practice. Either head straight down the hill and back to town or take Hoo Koo E Koo, which will be an easy recovery spin to shake the legs out.
If anyone has any questions about the tt let me know.
Coach Paul