The Fearless Five

Railroad, Coastal and Diaz Ridge…BOOM! Check the Strava widget to the right and see who’s posted the ride….it’ll give you a good sense of distance and elevation.

I’m so proud of you all, particularly those who did this loop for the first time…its quite the ride to bite off. With lots of elevation, quick downhills and tight uphill switchbacks it offers up a little bit of everything in one ride. With just a few bobbles and scrapes everyone did an amazing job today. Congratulations on a great day.

I’d like to thank Captain Bob and Sophie and the parents who joined us today.

We have a couple of team events shortly, of which there will be more information coming. We’ll be conducting a rider/parent “What to Expect on Race Day” meeting before our first race. The other event will be a mandatory rider clinic conducted by Captains Bob and Spence. They’ll mix a training ride with crucial information/training/safety techniques that can make the difference between a great ride or horrible afternoon.

“We’ll how do I get information on when and where these events are?”


Coach Paul