Who needs to toss around a football when we have mountain bikes and Mt. Tam all day long! Don’t fret though….we’ll get you back before kickoff.

Tomorrow’s ride: We’ll meet at the Depot at 9:00 and head up railroad, dive down coastal and then wind our way up the newly engineered diaz ridge. Lots of climbing, fast downhills and tight switchbacks.

Plan accordingly! Bring plenty of food and liquids. In the sport of cycling and bike racing fueling is half the battle. You can’t run a car without fuel right? I suggest an electrolyte or carbohydrate drink and some energy bars, gels or blocks. Water and a candy bar won’t do on this or most any ride. Please try different “on the bike” food during our practices. It’ll pay off during your races. If you have any questions about what nutrition your body needs and what is available ask me or any of our veteran riders. We are here to help.

We had a couple of flats during our Wednesday practice. This is not out of the ordinary. Be prepared! Bring a tube, patch kit, tire levers and an inflator and/or pump. Don’t expect someone else to have what you need. We’ve gone over this a few times and its included on your Rider Agreement that we reviewed and signed at our kick-off meeting. Your grace period is over. I will be checking. Be warned: If you do not have these items you won’t be allowed on the ride. No exceptions.

Also, for those who were on the ride on Wednesday led by Bob and Spence, be sure to thank them for a great ride!

Coach Paul