Jeff out on a ride with Coach Paul
Jeff Jungsten, a talented cyclist, co-owner of Caletti/Jungsten Construction and one of most sincere and nicest people you’d ever have the privilege of knowing, posed a challenge to me last year at the conclusion of the season.

“Have 5 girls race and I’ll DOUBLE my sponsorship commitment to the team next year.”

Jeff and I share the same mindset when it comes to cycling. Get kids started young and you’ll set them up for a lifestyle of good health, outdoor exploration and active exercise.

That challenge added tinder to a small fire your coach had at the start of last season, which was to have a full girls squad. Seeing other teams at races fielding full girls squads left me scratching my head and wondering why Tam couldn’t do the same. Well…I knew we could.

Late last year I began thinking about putting the proper infrastructure in place to start the squad. I knew we needed a talented woman leading the charge. After gathering the board and going over prospects we had the good fortune of landing Christy Allen. As an all around athlete that embodies a healthy approach to life….and a very talented cyclist at that, we had what we needed to get things started. It was a perfect match and we couldn’t be luckier.

I’m pleased to announce that thanks to the tireless hard work and organized approach of Coach Christy and the girls squad we have met that challenge. We’ve already won….before our first race. Congratulations!

I would also like to thank Jeff for his continued support and enthusiasm for our team. Cycling has a unique business model in the world of sports. With no gate fees it is almost totally reliant on sponsorships such as Jeff and our other supporters. At the high school and other entry level venues sponsors are so crucial it is often the deciding factor on whether or not a team or club will survive. The next time Jeff can join us for a ride please be sure to introduce yourself and give him a big thanks.

Here’s to a great season. GO TAM!

Coach Paul