For those driving up on their own feel free to meet at Gus Gym at 6am if you’d like to caravan along with the group. We’ll roll promptly so please be on time. Please expect the drive to take between an hour thirty five minutes to two hours depending on traffic (hopefully very light) and any construction that is going on.

I’d like everyone at the event parking lot by 8:00am. Remember, this is race number one so it also involves checking in and getting number plates. We also need to get the team camp set up…everyone chips in a little to expedite the process. Lots of things need to happen very early and very quickly.
The last chance to embark on a pre-ride of the course (critical!!) is roughly 8:30 to 9ish to complete the course.
Click on the RACE CHECKLIST!! to make sure you have everything you need! The list is comprehensive and detailed. A few parents do have toolkits they’ll bring but don’t rely on them and don’t let something as simple as a flat tire spoil your race. No tube and you’re gonna have a long race!
Check the blog again later today….I may have more updates. If you have any questions please get in touch with me. We’re gonna do great and have an incredible day!
Coach Paul