Unfortunately today’s ride is a total washout….as much of the week is supposed to be. There has also been questions as to if the race will happen this weekend. Thanks to the incredible support from many parents/guardians of the team we do have logistics finished and in place for the race. I’ll do a complete blog post tomorrow with race details as we’ll assume the event will happen unless we hear otherwise.

I know many of our riders are putting in lots of serious training….regardless of weather! As your coach I’ve cancelled the ride due to safety concerns and inclement weather. I advise you do the same. However, should you decide to ride today (or another day with dodgy weather) here are some sound tips:

Be advised that a rain jacket (rain cape in the Euro peloton) is an essential piece of equipment. Without one you’ll have moist kit chilling your body. Allowing your core body temperature to drop beyond a reasonable level impacts both judgement and reaction time. In a nutshell…riding gets dangerous. I have been witness to riders and teammates who have not always used sound judgement when it comes to protecting themselves from the rain…including an EMT situation and a ride in an ambulance. These things happen when you think you are in control but are really not prepared.

As the temperature drops with inclement weather your nutritional requirements increase more than you think. Your body begins to work overtime to protect your core temperature. This requires extra energy which comes from calories. Bring lots of food and…despite not feeling the need, be sure to drink lots of fluids. Finally….be careful. Rainy weather impacts the condition of the trails. Take downhills and corners slower than normal and make sure you have a riding partner and cell phones.

Ride Safe, Ride Smart
Coach Paul