Hello Team-

Word from Vanessa is that the race this weekend will happen! According to her the venue has very good drainage. Expect to get wet, expect to slip a little and expect lots of fast racing.
Race Logistics, in no particular order, but very important. Please take a few minutes to read.
Departure: Gus Gym, 11:30. The van leaves at 11;45 sharp. No hanging around. We will get a pre-ride in beforehand later in the afternoon. Its a tradition that we caravan to the race so if you are riding with a parent/guardian feel free to meet us at the gym when the van leaves.
Van riders as follows: Rich, Paul, Bob, Anna, Lisa, Jack, Dominik, Dylan. Note: Bob usually invokes rank on the tunes so no janky ipod playlists lest you’ll get your tunes booted.
Lodging:Super 8 Motel 2120 N. Fremont, Monterey 831-372-6066 Rooms are being held under Nancy Puckett. I believe roommates may already be sorted out but if not you can contact me and I’ll help get you paired with someone. Binda is the owner of the motel and Blair has forged a great connection over the years. For those who are lodging with the team for the first time please be respectful of other guests and the facilities. I’m told they will have towels for us to use to clean our bikes but please come prepared with an extra old rag/s should they not have them. DON’T USE ROOM TOWELS TO CLEAN BIKES.
Dinner: Tradition has the team and any parents/guardians dining together the night before. We found this place last year and are thinking we’ll eat here again. This is the one area I suggest newer riders do not follow veteran riders. Root beer floats and grilled cheese sandwiches = bad pre-race food. What you eat the night before the race is the fuel you’ll use during a long, rain-soaked race.
Stuff You Need: Rich called out a great list that is essential in bad weather:
  1. 2x the kit. 2 shorts, 2 jerseys. your stuff won’t dry overnight
  2. 2x leg and arm warmers (very nice to have but arm/leg warmers may dry overnight)
  3. garbage bag for wet stuff
  4. warm rainproof jacket
  5. folding chair to keep from sitting on a muddy ground
  6. glasses with clear or near clear lenses.
  7. towel for after the race and dry change of clothes
  8. Coach Paul will also add that newspapers are a pro’s secret to drying their shoes. Take the insoles out, flip the tongue up and shove as much standard newsprint paper inside and viola! Dry shoes in the morning.
  9. One additional item: base layer. Most currently wick sweat away and worn between you and your jersey. They are very, very useful in making you more comfortable.
Also….this park is known for poison oak. BE CAREFULL Despite my personal best attempts at staying away from the stuff putting my hands on my tires while loading my bike in the van was my undoing. We will have Tecnu but I suggest you have your own personal bottle of the stuff. Poison oak is nasty stuff.
A last few things:
Click Race info to find the details of the race.
We will pre-ride the course as a team when we get down there and before we check into the motel. We will discuss pre-riding the morning of. A few races we didn’t, most we did. We can decide the night of.
Post race food and snacks are being provided by parent volunteers of the team. I suggest bringing a few extra snacks that you normally prefer just in case. Also be sure to bring electrolyte drink mix for the race. We may have some clif shots/blocs but again…be prepared to fuel yourself during the race.
My arrival time estimate at Gus Gym is between 6 and 9pm. For parents not going down but picking their son/daughter up from the gym that evening you’ll be phoned shortly before we arrive. We do not leave anyone unattended at the gym but we are also exhausted. Please be waiting at the gym for us when we arrive.
Finally…..CHECK THE BLOG! I may have five more posts or no posts between now and when we leave. You never know.
Coach Paul