Coach Paul
Pro 1/2
Cherry Pie Criterium 2009
Hello Riders-
Well….its winter and this means rain. Due to the cancellation of Sunday’s ride we are a little behind in our race prep. I hope you have all had a chance to get out at least once this week. It looks like tomorrow will give us a slight reprieve in the afternoon so the ride will most likely happen. Check the blog in the early afternoon…..we’ll get a post of either way, ride or no ride.
In addition to tomorrows ride I encourage you to get at least one more day of riding before Sunday’s race. If you or a friend or your parent/gaurdian has a trainer to mount your bike to I suggest using that if you’d prefer to not ride outside. Its important, as we are in the thick of racing season, to have rides with some intensity. That can come in a variety of forms…short intervals, longer intervals, long rides, etc. For mid season practices I recommend at least one ride per week that replicates, as best you can, a race. Go out and really push the pace for 45 minutes to an hour. When you start slowing down remind yourself to keep going, don’t rest, don’t stop. On an effort scale of 1-10 these rides should be a solid 9. Be hydrated and properly fueled when you start these rides and have a recovery drink afterwards, preferably within 30 minutes of when your ride ends.
So….you have your homework. Don’t think other teams are taking it easy with this rain…they aren’t, and we shouldn’t either.
If you have any questions on last minute race prep, rides leading up to race day, etc….please, I encourage you to reach out to me.
Ride Safe
Coach Paul