April 2012

Sunday Ride

By | April 28th, 2012|

Meet at Tam 9am to carpool/caravan to Tamarancho.  We’ll park at White Hill School and ride up the other railroad grade to the trails.
Bring your pass or you can purchase online through this link TAMARANCHO PASS ONLINE

Coach Christy

By | April 27th, 2012|

Race #5 – Stafford Lake County Park, Novato  May 6th
Tam Mtb Riders and Families,
We are fortunate to have the next race in the NorCal series in our backyard! This is a new venue and we couldn’t be more excited about sharing the beauty of Stafford Lake Park with the NorCal league.
It is mandatory that every Tam family fulfill a volunteer job at this race!
Now is the time to select your volunteer job.  Our team will need to help out with set-up on Saturday and parking assistance on Sunday.
Please visit the volunteer sign-up page on the NorCal website to explore the opportunities available.  www.norcalmtb.org/volunteer
Coach Christy
Coach Paul

Ride Cancelled – Sea Otter

By | April 22nd, 2012|

Due to the overwhelming attendance at Sea Otter we will cancel tomorrow’s ride. For those who are in town and would like to ride the planned route was railroad, down coastal, up diaz ridge and then over to tennessee valley to do miwok and bobcat…..a nice long ride. Suggested pace is near race pace up railroad, recover going down coastal, near race pace up diaz and then recovery pace for the balance of the ride.

Riders….its hot out there. Bring plenty of electrolyte and drink early and often.

Have a great ride.

Coach Paul

Mandatory Team Practice

By | April 18th, 2012|

Hello Team-

We have a mandatory practice tomorrow. Everyone needs to attend. We have a few things we need to go over as a team, recap Boggs and plan for the Marin race coming up. We’ll meet at the Depot at 3:40 and roll from there. Plan for at least two hours.

Coach Paul

Boggs Update

By | April 14th, 2012|

Athletes & Parents/Guardians,

The Team Van departs Gus Gym at 11:30 or shortly thereafter. On-board:
Jim P (driver)
Amanda (Twin Pines, sharing w/Sophie)
Bob (Eagle & Rose)
Dominik (Twin Pines, sharing w/DK)
Dylan (Twin Pines, sharing w/Dom)
Sean (to Boggs only; Twin Pines)
Sophie (to Boggs only;Twin Pines, sharing w/Amanda).
(that leaves one empty seat)

Course inspection & pre-ride 3:00-ish led by Jim & Blair. Group dinner TBD, likely Mexican in Middletown or possibly at Twin Pines Casino. Bring money for breakfast (or your own b’fast–better!–because the options are very limited in Middletown).

Rumors are that there’s snow at the venue from the last storm (it will melt). But dress accordingly. Layers, like you’re going skiing. Trash bag for muddy clothes. Bring more warm clothes. There is NO WATER at the venue– everyone attending (athletes and support crew) bring a GALLON for drinking, etc. No trash cans either, so bring another trash bag for…your trash. Don’t forget your number plate. Roll of TP never a bad idea at Boggs. Bring extra race nutrition and snacks.

On that note, special thanks to the Martinezes for being our post-race food providers at Boggs!

Any questions or issues contact your coaches. Did we mention to bring warm clothes?

See you at Boggs.

Ride Today if its not raining at 3:40

By | April 11th, 2012|

Meet at the Depot at 3:40 if its not raining. Rain cancels the ride. I will not be there but Christy will be.

Coach Paul

No Sunday Ride

By | April 7th, 2012|

Due to the holiday….and the likelyhood of family gatherings and spring break, there will be no team training ride this Sunday. I do suggest you ride on your own if you are in town or have your bike with you. With our next race being on the 15th I suggest a 30 minute warm-up, 45 minutes of race intensity (no stopping, no slowing down) and 20 minutes of cool down. Get a recovery drink and a snack within 20 minutes after your workout.

Wednesday will find us doing a few hill repeats and threshold intensity work. Eat at least two hours before practice to allow for digestion and drink water throughout the day.

Coach Paul

“Turning Yourself Inside-Out”

By | April 5th, 2012|

Its an old term in road cycling circles. Learning how to embrace the suffering…pushing yourself just a little but farther, telling your legs to keep going when they insist on stopping….ignoring logic and every signal your body sends you. Bike racing is hard. No time outs and the clock never stops. In thinking about that aspect alone….I don’t know of too many other sports that can say that. And its that which makes cycling what it is. 

Everyone who cycles long enough knows that there are great days on the bike and the wretched bad days. Its part of the sport. Champions of the sport share one universal trait: getting through the bad days and…more importantly…learning from them and how to deal with them…and knowing that another good day is just around the corner as long as you keep the pedals turning and the wheels rolling over. 

I like this picture of your captain. It really captures what it took to haul himself to a sixth place on Sunday. And I saw so many of you were in the same place, moving…one pedal stroke at a time…getting the job done, getting the bike up the hill and over the line. 

So…celebrate those great days on the bike but know there may be a bad day coming and its how you deal with that day that will show you who you are. You’re team will always have your back but when the wheels just aren’t turning its up to you to keep moving. Just keep moving. 

Coach Paul

Team Picture Update: Meet @ 3:15

By | April 4th, 2012|

We have moved the team picture from 3:30 to 3:15. Please be advised.


By | April 4th, 2012|

We will be taking our 2012 team picture tomorrow. Please be in front of Tam High at 3:30 tomorrow wearing your jersey and, if you have them, shorts. Peter Streitman will be taking another great picture and again, as we did last year, we will have team signed, framed copies available for our sponsors at the end of the season. 

I know we have a few riders out-of-town and perhaps a few that aren’t available but we’ll do the best we can. 

We will depart from Tam High after the picture and head up railroad for a fast, intense practice. 

Coach Paul