Its an old term in road cycling circles. Learning how to embrace the suffering…pushing yourself just a little but farther, telling your legs to keep going when they insist on stopping….ignoring logic and every signal your body sends you. Bike racing is hard. No time outs and the clock never stops. In thinking about that aspect alone….I don’t know of too many other sports that can say that. And its that which makes cycling what it is. 

Everyone who cycles long enough knows that there are great days on the bike and the wretched bad days. Its part of the sport. Champions of the sport share one universal trait: getting through the bad days and…more importantly…learning from them and how to deal with them…and knowing that another good day is just around the corner as long as you keep the pedals turning and the wheels rolling over. 

I like this picture of your captain. It really captures what it took to haul himself to a sixth place on Sunday. And I saw so many of you were in the same place, moving…one pedal stroke at a time…getting the job done, getting the bike up the hill and over the line. 

So…celebrate those great days on the bike but know there may be a bad day coming and its how you deal with that day that will show you who you are. You’re team will always have your back but when the wheels just aren’t turning its up to you to keep moving. Just keep moving. 

Coach Paul