Athletes & Parents/Guardians,

The Team Van departs Gus Gym at 11:30 or shortly thereafter. On-board:
Jim P (driver)
Amanda (Twin Pines, sharing w/Sophie)
Bob (Eagle & Rose)
Dominik (Twin Pines, sharing w/DK)
Dylan (Twin Pines, sharing w/Dom)
Sean (to Boggs only; Twin Pines)
Sophie (to Boggs only;Twin Pines, sharing w/Amanda).
(that leaves one empty seat)

Course inspection & pre-ride 3:00-ish led by Jim & Blair. Group dinner TBD, likely Mexican in Middletown or possibly at Twin Pines Casino. Bring money for breakfast (or your own b’fast–better!–because the options are very limited in Middletown).

Rumors are that there’s snow at the venue from the last storm (it will melt). But dress accordingly. Layers, like you’re going skiing. Trash bag for muddy clothes. Bring more warm clothes. There is NO WATER at the venue– everyone attending (athletes and support crew) bring a GALLON for drinking, etc. No trash cans either, so bring another trash bag for…your trash. Don’t forget your number plate. Roll of TP never a bad idea at Boggs. Bring extra race nutrition and snacks.

On that note, special thanks to the Martinezes for being our post-race food providers at Boggs!

Any questions or issues contact your coaches. Did we mention to bring warm clothes?

See you at Boggs.