Congratulations to everyone who showed up today and spent a bit of time in the “Pain Cave” on the Tam High TT course on RR Grade.  Time trials are about individual effort and suffering, and I was happy to see that everybody took that to heart.  The results are below.  For those who also did this in January, you can go back in the Blog and see how you have improved over the season.  Special thanks to Mae’s Dad, Jim, for helping with the timing, and congratulations to Clayton who now has the 8th grade record on the course (as far as we know).

1 Bob Siegel 0:07:09
2 Sean McGuiness 0:10:00
3 Mae Puckett 0:10:37
4 Cody Duane-McGlashan 0:08:35
5 Amanda Moe 0:10:56
6 Anna Lipman 0:15:47
7 Sophie McGuiness 0:11:46
8 Matthew Lillien 0:09:15
9 Spence Peterson 0:06:07
10 Clayton Puckett 0:09:13