Back to School – Are you ready to roll?

By | August 30th, 2012|

Welcome Den Satake to the coaching team!
The Tam High Mountain Bike Team and Coach Christy Allen are proud to welcome to our coaching team Den Satake. As a former pro, and currently a top expert mountain bike racer, we are excited for Den to share his passion and experience with the Tam High Team.
Coach Den Satake
Den has previously coached boy’s soccer for the Mill Valley Soccer League. He is also a partner in our local bike shop Tam Bikes, which supports not only our Tam High Team, but many of the Marin County teams.
“I’ve been in love with wheels since the morning a bright red Schwinn showed up under the Christmas tree when I was 4 years old.  BMX and a lot of crazy jumping soon followed.  If there had been a bike team when I went to high school, I’m sure I would have jumped at the opportunity.  Ironically, I went to Berkeley High my freshman year, but missed the birth of high school mountain biking there by about 20 years. 
Mountain biking has been my passion for almost my entire adult life.  I raced as an expert and pro with Marin Mountain Bikes earlier in my career and still race the masters class with the Tam Bikes team.  I’ve raced in numerous World Cups, World and National Championships and the Olympic qualifying race among others. 
As a coach for Tam, I hope that I can impart some of my experience and passion for cycling to a new generation.  Whether highly motivated or not, highly talented or not, I look forward to helping everyone discover a great lifelong sport.”
Coach Christy Allen
In 2011 Christy was recruited to coach and develop a girl’s team. Christy’s lengthy experience coaching the Mill Valley Middle School Cross Country and Track Teams has lead to an incredibly successful year.  For the first time we had 5 girls consistently racing and scoring points for the team.  Christy is an accomplished triathlete, having competed in national and world half and full Ironman competitions.  This year, inspired by her girls and her family, she began a new chapter of competition, qualifying for and racing in the U.S. Mountain Bike Cross Country National Championship.
“Working with student athletes is my passion. I love their energy and enthusiasm.  I find it very rewarding to work with athletes to help them achieve new levels of physical fitness and reach goals they may never have thought attainable. 
Racing a mountain bike is certainly a new goal for many of our team members.  The NorCal Mountain Bike League has a fun atmosphere, plenty of challenging competition and great courses.
I am looking forward to another successful season of racing and the opportunity to spend more time riding our local trails with the team while I improve my trail riding skills.”