Sunday’s ride (11/18) will be from the downtown plaza. We are going to hit Railroad Grade again. Bad rain will cancel, but forcast is for a break in the rain Sunday. Check here for updates.

I know some of you are getting tired of all the climbing, but these rides are the easiest to coordinate right now. We are planning on hitting some flatter terrain in coming weeks. China Camp, Tamarancho etc.

Thanks to those who have already sent me emails about their cycling backgrounds. If you haven’t, please take a few minutes to drop me a quick email. See post below for details.

See you Sunday!


These pre-season rides are all about getting to know eachother, having some fun and building a bit of base fitness. We are deliberately trying to keep the pace on the easy side. Intervals, sprints etc don’t do much good at this point in the season; they just hurt. We have plenty of time to ramp things up later.

HOMEWORK 😉 Can each of you please email me a quick note about your cycling background. This shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. I’m not going to check grammar, spelling etc. I just want to know a bit more about where everyone is coming from. Possible things to touch on: How long you’ve been riding. How last season went for you. Type of riding you like, don’t like. Strengths and weaknesses. Your goals, etc. Don’t stress on this. I just need to get to know you all better and it’s hard to talk to all of you on our rides.