First off, thank you parents for making everything possible.  Especially Nancy, without whom, I can’t imagine how we could function.  There is so much to putting on even one of these races. 

Sunday was a perfect day for racing, and Tam had another great showing with 3,657 points (unofficially 6th overall).  Our point scorers were Clayton (490), Anna-Sofie (485), Mae (481), Gavin (456), Travis (441), Lauren (439), Dom (435) and Laird (430).

Clayton (2nd  Frosh Boys) and Anna-Sofie (2nd Soph Girls) are cementing themselves as two of the fastest young riders in the conference.  However, there were a number of great rides yesterday that deserve a shout out:

Gavin climbed up 11 places from the last race and took 6thin Frosh Boys – one second off the podium!  Travis claimed a top ten position with 8th – 5 places up from Granite Bay!  Henry, Elliot (relegated from 4th), Kevin and Bowen rounded out the field.  All with very strong rides.  Bowen, congrats on finishing your first race!

Sean claimed another top ten (10th) in Soph Boys.  MJ was right behind in 11th– his first race!  Garrett and Bennett rode strong and finished together in 17th and 18threspectively.

In JV Girls, Mae had her best ever finish at 6th!  Lauren was close behind in 12th.  Markita, Lisa and Bella rode to strong finishes as well.  Markita took over 2 minutes off of her second lap.  Lisa deserves special mention for sticking with her race despite a broken chain just minutes into her first lap that cost her nearly 10 minutes to fix plus a 5 minute relegation penalty.  Despite having to pass a multitude of slower riders, she managed to lay down a very competitive 2nd lap.   

Shane, Jack, Cody and Axel all rode strong in a huge JV Boys field.  Shane was fastest of our riders, Jack wasn’t far behind and rode his fastest lap last.

Dom (17th) and Laird (18th) both rode to strong finishes in the super competitive boys Varsity race.  Dom’s last lap was faster than his third, perhaps because Laird was barking at him from behind.  Laird rode a really strong second half of the race to nab his best Varsity finish yet.  Reid rounded out a strong Varsity showing.