Wed ride 3:30 from the high school. We will be going pretty easy. Especially those of you who raced at Sea Otter last weekend. Speaking of Sea Otter, I was really glad to see so many of you out there. Mae(3rd), Laird (3rd), Dom (3rd), Lisa (3rd) and Johnny W (3rd) all on the podium! Also great rides from Laird (4th), Anna-Sofie (4th), Sean (9th), and Spence (10th)! Also mixing it up down there were Clayton, Gavin, Travis, MJ, Garrett, Bennett, Stuart and Will. So many, I might have missed some. It was great to see so many of you making the effort for a race that isn’t even part of Norcal. We also had a lot of our ride leaders throwing down. Greg A, Blair P, Bill W, Paul K, Terry G, Jim P, and Jack P. Whew!