Hey riders, it’s been fun getting out to ride the past month. Great seeing everyone from last year and getting to know our new riders too. We don’t have any team rides scheduled until Sunday, Jan. 12th, after you get back from break. However, the weather might not be so good for skiing, but it’s pretty good for riding. Getting out over the break will help give you a big leg up when we reconvene in January. Feel free to use this page as well as the team Facebook page to organize among yourselves if you want.   Also, you should have received an email from Nancy about shoe and pedal deals at Tam Bikes, contact her if you did not.  Please take advantage of this if you aren’t already on clip less pedals.  We really need everyone on clip less pedals when we start out next year.  Waiting until the first race will set you back significantly.

Have a safe and happy holiday!!!