Nice job in Monterey everyone! Helped by podium finishes by Clayton (3rd JV Boys) and Maggie (5th Freshman Girls), Tam finished 5th in Division 1. That’s pretty good for what is still a very young team, but still leaves us some room for improvement! In addition to our two podiums, we had a number of strong rides: Mae 7th (Varsity Girls), Lauren 9th and Amanda 12th(JV Girls), Felix 6th (Freshman Boys), Travis 8th, Ethan 12th and Weston 15th (Soph Boys), Sean 12th and Garrett 15th (JV Boys). Everyone worked hard to be ready for this, and worked hard to finish. All of us coaches are really proud of you. We have learned a lot about you from riding with you the past few months, but we learned a lot more Sunday. In the next day or so, please send me and Christy a very short note on your race. How you felt, anything that went wrong, any tactical mistake you might have made, whether you were feeling strong at the finish or starting to drop off earlier. Especially note if there was a point in the race where your position was changing a lot (passed or passing). Let us know what you ate or drank and when. We won’t be looking for style points or grammar. Just the facts – as you remember them. We hope to ride at 3:30 Wed, but rain is on the horizon. If it’s raining and cold, we will postpone the ride or try to find an indoor place to set up some trainers. Keep an eye on this space for updates. Congratulations again! Here are some pictures from Frank, Nate’s dad. Thanks Frank!