Update:  “It’s now official. We are riding trainers at Tam Bikes @3:45. We have 12 – 13 trainers for certain. Sessions will be 50 mins, so if we fill up the trainers we will have time for a second session. See you there”

If the rain goes according to the forecast, it is going to be pretty wet this afternoon. We will stay flexible, but our backup plan is to meet at Tam Bikes at 3:45 for a spin session on our trainers. We have at least 10 trainers and I am scrounging around for more. If you have one at home and can bring it down, please do. Please comment here if you can bring a trainer. If we max out, we will run a second session about an hour later. Hope for a clearing… and BRING A TOWEL! 

Also, please check the “Parent/Rider Info” tab just above this and see Nancy’s recent post about everyone’s race week checklist.