Just a few details: We race Sunday. Christy will lead a preride at 3:45 Saturday from our space in the Pit Zone. I will lead another at 8:15 on Sunday morning for anyone who didn’t get out Saturday. Felix, Maggie, Megan, Clayton, Sean and Travis will get CALL UPS! George, Nate, Garrett, Bennett, MJ, Lyndsey, Markita, Ethan, Weston and Gavin will all be seeded. Congratulations, you get to have a little more relaxed warmup! Everyone else, make sure you get warmed up early so you have time to get to the line a bit early. Especially you faster riders who aren’t seeded because you’ve missed a race. Do what you can to get a halfway decent spot at the start. The course will be different from last month. I believe that we will hit most of the same trails but in the opposite direction. I’m guessing that they will throw in a few other differences as well. The terrain will be the same though, so you have a good idea of what to expect. Now that you are all becoming seasoned racers, it will be interesting to see how it all feels the second time around!