We are going up to the Petaluma Ranch venue this Sunday for a Trailwork day and bonus preride! We meet there (4497 Adobe Rd) at 10:00AM. You need to wear appropriate work clothes (boots etc), please read the email from the league about how to dress, how to enter the site etc. There is not supposed to be any poison oak. Google says this is about 35 minutes from the high school! Close! Bring a bag lunch and water for working and riding. We will finish working by noon, then eat and change for a preride from 1 – 3. Here’s the map below. Please approach the venue so that you can turn RIGHT into the property. The left turn approach is very dangerous and forbidden. Let’s all try to make this. It will impress the league and give us a huge advantage to see the course early. Best approach is Hwy 37, left on Lakeville Hwy, Rt on 116E/Stage Gulch Rd, Left on Adobe.

The weather should be clear for Sunday. Watch for last minute updates. Also, please take 2 minutes to take this MCBC land use survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/marinbiketrailsurvey