Hey team, I’m writing this from 37,000 ft above the Pacific Ocean, heading towards Tokyo.  I hope you all have a great spring break.  Please get out and ride on your own if you can.  Boggs is in two weeks and what you do this coming week will be critical to your performance there.  In addition to “just riding” you really want to work some intensity into your rides.  A good goal is about 20 minutes a week of high intensity work. You can mix this up anywhere in your ride. You can do it all on one ride or a little on each.  Remember that shorter intervals should be done at a much higher effort than longer ones. Ideally, at least one or two of these should be longer – 4 to 5 minutes.  

If you are vacationing with your family and can’t ride, do what you can to keep your fitness up. Running is a great option and you can still get in your sprints!
Some of the other coaches are going to try to put together a ride next week; possibly at china camp. Follow this space for an announcement on that.