May 2014

California State MTB Championships

By | May 13th, 2014|

Great season everyone! Everyone who raced Sunday at the State Championships worked really hard to get there and we’re proud of all of you. We had FOUR riders place in the top ten of their categories and two of them were on the Podium!
First off, Clayton won the D1 JV race and is the reigning State Champion! Congrats Clayton! Clayton paced the leaders on the first lap then made a HUGE move on the second lap that essentially won the race. He surged ahead before the singletrack section, found some clean trail and laid down the FASTEST lap of the day by any racer, including the Varsity. Despite a coordinated chase effort by two Newbury Park riders, he maintained the lead to the finish. 
Clayton climbing “Hurl Hill” for the D1 JV State Championship 

  Stu rode an inspired race in the Sophmore class, steadily picking off riders all day, until only three remained. Stu rolled up to the top of the course with one lap to go sitting at the back of a group that represented 5th, 6th and 7th. He attacked going over the top to move into 5th, then went on to hunt down 4th. He finished strong and might have moved up further if the race had been a little longer. He beat every racer from the NorCal League! John rode an incredible race as well. Without a call up, he had to work his way from the back of the huge pack. Despite that handicap, he worked his way up to 7th by the end. A call up probably would have gotten him to the podium as well!

Johnny climbing at State Champs
Stu cresting “Hurl Hill” for a 4th place finish  in State Champs for Sophmores
 Felix got a call up, but that didn’t translate into a great start. He found himself sitting in 16th place going into the singletrack. With only two laps to work with in the Freshman race, he was still able to claw his way up to 9th! Next season, the races will be a little longer…
Felix working hard
Travis, Sam K. and Ethan climbing at State Champs

Congratulations to Mae, our senior captain for finishing a great season and three years on the Tam High MTB Team. Mae is the first Tam High girl to ever qualify and race in the Varsity category during the season and in the California State High School MTB Championships.

Senior Captain Mae

Again, this was a great season. All of you made incredible strides. Think back to where we were in November! This summer provides a lot of opportunities for everyone to continue their development for next season. I will post some races that you may want to do on your own. I may be at some of them as well. If you have any questions about a race, please reach out and ask me. I’ve done most of them. Also, please use this forum as well as the team Facebook page to organize rides among yourselves.
Please RSVP by tomorrow for the team party Monday 19th! See you there!


By | May 7th, 2014|

So far, I have only heard from Sam, Nate, Garrett (and maybe Clayton) about going to the Summit Shorty. There are also couple of complications. This cannot be a “team ride.” Racers will be covered by whatever insurance Summit carries, but not by NorCal as this is not a NorCal event. My plan is to be there to offer coaching and other help but we can’t call this a team ride. You must get there on your own. If we only have a few racers going up, I will probably stay in MV and help lead the regular ride – so I need to hear from you. FB, email or text. It doesn’t matter. If you are going up to race and your parent won’t be there, you will need to have them sign the release form. Here is a link to it. Sam and Nate, If you can’t get this signed, you can’t race this Wed’s race. Again, please let me know your intentions. 

Choose your ride Wednesday

By | May 5th, 2014|

We are going to have two different rides this Wednesday. Our last ride(s) of the season! I (and maybe Josh) will be going up to San Rafael for the Summit Shorty. This is race 3 in a 6 race long series held up at McInnes Park on consecutive Wednesdays. They will have three categories that race at different times. The “C” races go off at 5:30, “B’s” at 6:00 and “A’s” at 6:30. The races tend to be about 20+ minutes in length. The idea is for us to get some short, high intensity training before shutting down for States. Sam K has said he is going and can bring some riders with him. Please let me know if you are considering going so I can plan accordingly. For such a short drive, I may be able to bring some of you. Nancy, do you have a ruling on this? Christy, Nancy and the rest of the coaches (ride leaders) will be leading the regular Wed ride from the high school at 3:30.

Sunday and next Wednesday

By | May 2nd, 2014|

Riding from the Plaza at 9:00 Sunday. Plan is to do Coastal View because it’s a great tuneup for States (and a great trail). We really need our assistant coaches (ride leaders) for this last Sunday ride. Nancy is out and I will be too tired to keep up with the fast kids because I’m racing the day before. Hopefully, we can get a good turnout of coaches. Next Wednesday, I would like to do the Summit Shorty at McInnes Park if we have enough racers who can make it. This is a really short, fast race and most of you can plan on racing for about 20 minutes. A really good tuneup 4 days before our last NorCal race. Please let me know if you think you can make it and if you have room to take any others. We need to drive there. The regular team ride will go out from the high school regardless. We need coaches to cover for me Wednesday.