Riding from the Plaza at 9:00 Sunday. Plan is to do Coastal View because it’s a great tuneup for States (and a great trail). We really need our assistant coaches (ride leaders) for this last Sunday ride. Nancy is out and I will be too tired to keep up with the fast kids because I’m racing the day before. Hopefully, we can get a good turnout of coaches. Next Wednesday, I would like to do the Summit Shorty at McInnes Park if we have enough racers who can make it. This is a really short, fast race and most of you can plan on racing for about 20 minutes. A really good tuneup 4 days before our last NorCal race. Please let me know if you think you can make it and if you have room to take any others. We need to drive there. The regular team ride will go out from the high school regardless. We need coaches to cover for me Wednesday.