We are going to have two different rides this Wednesday. Our last ride(s) of the season! I (and maybe Josh) will be going up to San Rafael for the Summit Shorty. This is race 3 in a 6 race long series held up at McInnes Park on consecutive Wednesdays. They will have three categories that race at different times. The “C” races go off at 5:30, “B’s” at 6:00 and “A’s” at 6:30. The races tend to be about 20+ minutes in length. The idea is for us to get some short, high intensity training before shutting down for States. Sam K has said he is going and can bring some riders with him. Please let me know if you are considering going so I can plan accordingly. For such a short drive, I may be able to bring some of you. Nancy, do you have a ruling on this? Christy, Nancy and the rest of the coaches (ride leaders) will be leading the regular Wed ride from the high school at 3:30.