So far, I have only heard from Sam, Nate, Garrett (and maybe Clayton) about going to the Summit Shorty. There are also couple of complications. This cannot be a “team ride.” Racers will be covered by whatever insurance Summit carries, but not by NorCal as this is not a NorCal event. My plan is to be there to offer coaching and other help but we can’t call this a team ride. You must get there on your own. If we only have a few racers going up, I will probably stay in MV and help lead the regular ride – so I need to hear from you. FB, email or text. It doesn’t matter. If you are going up to race and your parent won’t be there, you will need to have them sign the release form. Here is a link to it. Sam and Nate, If you can’t get this signed, you can’t race this Wed’s race. Again, please let me know your intentions.