February 2015

Be ready to race Sunday!

By | February 26th, 2015|

Hey team, a couple of things:

Saturday team pre-ride:meet 3:45pm ready to ride at 4pm at Tam High pitzone. Pre-ride is open 3:30-5:30pm

Sunday morning pre-ride: 1) The morning pre-ride window is from 7am to 9 (not 9:30 as we said yesterday).  I believe that the main thing is to get onto the course well before 9, because the first wave of girls will be starting at 10am.

2) If you are getting out to ride the rest of the week, keep it easy.  Don’t do anything much longer than an hour or so.  You want to maintain fitness, not try to build it.  If you are motivated to do so, add a few short hard efforts of 1 minute or less.

I hope to get to the course in time to lead a pre-ride at 8:00 Sunday morning.
Here is short summary of the talk I gave yesterday:

Bike –
– Don’t wait to work on your bike the night before the race
– Review the NorCal Checklist that is on their website and that Nancy handed out to you.
– Know your desired Tire Pressure and check it the night before AND race day.
– If you are running tubeless, have fresh sealant (within the last 3 weeks)
– Check that your drivetrain is working and shifting well.
– Clean and lube your chain.
– Check your brakes.
– Check your headset.
– Check all bolts for proper tightness.  Especially things like cable pinch bolts, water bottle cage bolts etc.  Don’t over tighten!  Especially any bolt that is holding carbon parts like bars, stems etc.
– Check your axle quick releases.

Pre-ride –
– You can’t memorize everything about a course in a single pre-ride, instead focus on these 4 things (I added one since yesterday).
– Remember where the hard efforts are.  Mainly climbs.
– Remember where the passing spots are in the tight sections.
– Most importantly, remember where the DANGEROUS spots are.  There usually aren’t that many.  If you can remember the one or two spots where you need to really slow down, you can let it rip the rest of the time.
– Lastly, if there is a prolonged tight section where passing will be difficult, remember where that starts.  You may want to jump ahead of a slower rider before you enter that section.

Race –
– Warm up early.  Start more than an hour before your race so that you will have time to GET TO STAGING EARLY.
– Start hard but not too hard.  I like to go about 75%, which is roughly my pace in a 3 to 5 minute interval.  You are only going to need to keep this pace for a minute or so, then you want to back off to something more like a 5/8ths effort.  One you can hold for the rest of the race.
– Watch for unsteady riders around you and (gradually) move away from them.
– Once you settle in to your rest-of-race pace, find a rider going about your pace and jump on their wheel and draft them.  If they slow, or the pace starts to seem too easy, pass them and look for another.
– Ride your own pace.  Races are really Time Trials with obstacles (other racers), until you get near the end (last couple of miles).  You will do much better if you mostly pay attention to your own body and only factor in the others when you have to.
– End of race strategy.  If you have been riding with another racer up to this point you will want to start thinking about how to beat them.  Have they seemed a little slower?  Attack them and see if you can drop them.  Are they better in the tight technical stuff?  Try to drop them on the last climb.  Are you a great sprinter?  Stay on their wheel and wait for the sprint.  If the pace gets too slow, remember that someone may be coming up from behind though.
– Have fun!  I won’t be telling you to slow down and watch out for hikers!

Pick up Team kit order Thursday lunch

By | February 26th, 2015|

Last Chance to pick up your Tam Team kit before Race weekend – Thursday lunch meeting in Mr. Hartquist’s room.

Tam Team kit is here!

By | February 25th, 2015|

Take your order home tomorrow after team ride – see you at school 3:30.

By | February 22nd, 2015|

Sunday Ride from MV Depot: 9am

Don’t forget to register for race on the NorCal Pitzone!

Winter Break

By | February 14th, 2015|

Hey everyone!  I just want to give you a few tips for the winter break. You’ve all worked really hard and gotten into great cycling/racing shape. Don’t lose it!  Be sure to get out and ride!  You can use this page to arrange rides with each other if you want.  Remember to work some intervals in on your rides.  Try to get 20 minutes of hard efforts in over the break.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a bunch of short ones or a few longer ones, just make them count. Quality over quantity!

Have a great break.  The next ride will be Sunday (2/22).

Weds ride 3:30 from Tam & Pre-race meeting tonight 7pm

By | February 11th, 2015|

Departing from Tam for ride today.

Tonight 7pm Tam Student Center – mandatory Pre-Race meeting for all riders and parents.

Sunday Ride from Mill Valley Depot

By | February 7th, 2015|

Unfortunately rain is predicted for Sunday morning. Our China Camp ride plan is postponed.

See you in Mill Valley at 9:00 if there is no rain – if there is rain, no ride.

Wednesday ride 3:30 from Tam

By | February 3rd, 2015|

Do you remember your ABC’s?

A – air in your tires?
B – brakes working?
C – chain lubed?