April 2015

Weds Ride 3:30

By | April 27th, 2015|

Team ride Wednesday, meet at school.  Everyone is welcome to ride whether or not you are planning to race in the State Championship.

Lunch meeting Thursday.

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Team ride today 3:30

Lunch Meeting Tuesday

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Let’s converse about Boggs Pre-Ride Friday and Saturday.

You bring your lunch – I will bring treats 🙂

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Good Luck to everyone racing Sea Otter this weekend!

Team ride Sunday 9am at the Depot if you are in town.

Trail work day tomorrow on Dias Trail, join me to help improve a route we ride.

Spring Break – no team ride Wednesday

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Enjoy your week off from school!
Race News – 5 Springs Ranch Round-Up, Petaluma
The race last weekend was a special occasion for the NorCal League – the first high school race in Sonoma County. The event came off with out a hitch under sunny skies and well manicured trails.  The generous Hellman family donated their land, dollars and time to offer the student athletes a respectable venue for mountain bike racing.
The Tam Team began the day with Katie back on course in JV Girls. Turning in a fantastic race, she confidently passed her closest competitor early in the first lap and rode a strong pace through to the finish. Katie seldom misses a practice and her fitness and skill gains prove just how much she has committed to riding this season.
A race day change for the Sophomore Boys reduced their lap count from 3 to 2, really putting the pressure on to go out strong from the start. Felix jumped at the gun and pulled out his best race of the season stepping onto the #2 podium spot. Congratulations! Nate finished a strong race in the 11th spot.
The Frosh Boys continue to demonstrate their command of the field with 14 riders in the field of 42. Congratulations to Liam 3rdand Julian 4th, Zach, Eddie and Pearson hot on their wheels.
Tam is also a big presence in the JV Boys race. John saw success again with a win in Petaluma. Captain Sean stepped onto the podium in 4thplace. Ethan, Bennett, Stuart, Travis and Weston all competed well in Petaluma.
Outstanding results from everyone that competed in the Sonoma race!

Next up – Boggs Race #5 on 4/25.

Check your start time for tomorrow!

By | April 11th, 2015|

Remember tomorrow’s start times are ONE HOUR EARLIER than previous races. 

Follow the driving directions on the race flyer – CHP will be onsite to ensure appropriate entry/exit at the venue.

Please read this cutout from Norcal about course cutting!!!

By | April 8th, 2015|

I know some of you were jumping into the grass to get past slower riders last Saturday.  I will get clarification on what they will consider cutting and what is an acceptable pass.  However, if you don’t know it’s legal, don’t do it.

lame course cutting
An example of what you will be assessed a penalty for doing

Course Cutting Is Illegal, As Well As Unethical

After our awesome pre-ride last weekend, we noticed that there were a few parts of the course that y’all were cutting. This is a strong reminder that course cutting will not be tolerated, and our course marshalls will be ready to note 5 or 10 minute penalties, or if necessary, disqualification.
Please review the NICA rule regarding course cutting:
A. Except in the case of injury, NICA student-athletes are not allowed to cut the course, ride off course, or engage in any other behavior that would indicate an intention of unfair play.
B. Student-athletes must not deviate from the edge of the trails (as defined either by ribbons, or an obvious change in surface or foliage characteristics) by more than 3 feet.
C. When the trail is clearly on one side of a pole, tree, or othercharacteristic, then the student-athlete is required to pass that feature, on the trails side of the feature.
D. A student-athlete may not leave the prescribed course unless ordered or permitted to do so by public authorities or a race official. In the case of mechanical problems, student-athletes shall walk along the course to the finish line. In the case of medical emergencies, student athletes shall remain still and wait for a course marshal or medical help.

Tubeless Tire Conversion – Wednesday after practice

By | April 6th, 2015|

Anyone who would like to convert their tires to tubeless, let’s plan on doing it after practice Wednesday.  The ride will be short due to the race on Saturday, so we should be able to finish our ride at the shop by 5 or even earlier.  The reasons for going tubeless:  You can run lower air pressure for better traction and a softer ride, fewer pinch flats, fewer puncture flats, lighter.  The main negative is that you need to top off the sealant every 4 – 6 weeks.

I will need a head count so I know that we have enough tubeless valves, sealant etc. so please comment below to let me know you are planning on doing this.  You will need to bring about $20 (hopefully less) for the materials.  If your tires are getting worn, now might be a good time to replace them.  Putting the work into converting worn tires to tubeless is a bit of a waste.  

Riding from here on out:  If you get out today, you can go moderately hard, but I would start tapering after this.  Everything next week should be on the short side.  Work some short (2 minutes or less) intervals in.  If you legs are feeling tired do less, ride easier.

See you Wednesday,

Saturday Ride Update – Ride in Petaluma!

By | April 2nd, 2015|

The Petaluma course will be open for riding this Saturday, so we will go there to check out the course. Plan to be there around 10am.

Here is the link to the Race Flyer with directions: