Anyone who would like to convert their tires to tubeless, let’s plan on doing it after practice Wednesday.  The ride will be short due to the race on Saturday, so we should be able to finish our ride at the shop by 5 or even earlier.  The reasons for going tubeless:  You can run lower air pressure for better traction and a softer ride, fewer pinch flats, fewer puncture flats, lighter.  The main negative is that you need to top off the sealant every 4 – 6 weeks.

I will need a head count so I know that we have enough tubeless valves, sealant etc. so please comment below to let me know you are planning on doing this.  You will need to bring about $20 (hopefully less) for the materials.  If your tires are getting worn, now might be a good time to replace them.  Putting the work into converting worn tires to tubeless is a bit of a waste.  

Riding from here on out:  If you get out today, you can go moderately hard, but I would start tapering after this.  Everything next week should be on the short side.  Work some short (2 minutes or less) intervals in.  If you legs are feeling tired do less, ride easier.

See you Wednesday,