I know some of you were jumping into the grass to get past slower riders last Saturday.  I will get clarification on what they will consider cutting and what is an acceptable pass.  However, if you don’t know it’s legal, don’t do it.

lame course cutting
An example of what you will be assessed a penalty for doing

Course Cutting Is Illegal, As Well As Unethical

After our awesome pre-ride last weekend, we noticed that there were a few parts of the course that y’all were cutting. This is a strong reminder that course cutting will not be tolerated, and our course marshalls will be ready to note 5 or 10 minute penalties, or if necessary, disqualification.
Please review the NICA rule regarding course cutting:
A. Except in the case of injury, NICA student-athletes are not allowed to cut the course, ride off course, or engage in any other behavior that would indicate an intention of unfair play.
B. Student-athletes must not deviate from the edge of the trails (as defined either by ribbons, or an obvious change in surface or foliage characteristics) by more than 3 feet.
C. When the trail is clearly on one side of a pole, tree, or othercharacteristic, then the student-athlete is required to pass that feature, on the trails side of the feature.
D. A student-athlete may not leave the prescribed course unless ordered or permitted to do so by public authorities or a race official. In the case of mechanical problems, student-athletes shall walk along the course to the finish line. In the case of medical emergencies, student athletes shall remain still and wait for a course marshal or medical help.