What a great time at Boggs 8 hour!  Next year, I want to grab 20 entries and get as many of you and our ride leaders out there as we can. For those of you who didn’t get up there, we had great conditions again. A warm, DRY night of camping gave way to an awesome day of racing. Over 800 riders riding for more than 8 hours on some of the best trails in Northern California. About a third of those on course at any one time gave us all some great passing practice.

Felix, Zack and coach Sean made up the Tam High Triple team and finished 10th out of 63 teams in the 3 MEN open class!  Felix had to deal with a start lap crowded with almost 300 racers!

Sean McG and Travis bravely rode in the 2 man division (Tam High Duo) and knocked out 7 laps between them. Good for a very respectable 28th out of 81 two man teams.  With four laps, Sean rode more laps than any of us.  AND both he and Travis got only half the break in-between laps that the rest of us in the three man divisions got!

Liam, Julian and I rode in the three man division as well.  We sat in 4th place most of the day, until the very last lap.  Heading out on his third hour long lap of the day, three minutes down on third place, Liam smoked their rider by nearly 5 minutes and put us on the podium in third!  The fastest lap of the day by any of us Tam riders was laid down by Julian on his first lap!

Check out the great photos Patrick took!  A great day of riding and racing!

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets