Body Kinetics

Hello Tam High MTB Athletes:

The Tam High Mountain Bike Team has approached Body Kinetics here in Mill Valley about offering a stationary bike training workout once a week after school on Fridays. They are prepared to offer up to two classes exclusively for the team starting at 3:30 and 4:30 back-to-back with enough room for 17 athletes in each class.

In light of the challenging weather we’ve had, we want to offer the team members another workout option to stay in good shape and build cardio-vascular capacity and endurance while socializing with your team mates. This is a great combination!

Body Kinetics is located next to The Cantina at the corner of Camino Alto and East Bilthedale so it’s very easy to get to. Their stationary bikes are the latest in technology and the workout area is covered but outside, so the workout can be run rain or shine. These workouts would be run by certified training staff and they are extremely excited about the opportunity of working with the team.

If we have more than 30 athletes interested they will offer a monthly reduced cost of $7.50 per session ($30 a month). Less than 30 athletes would be for the drop-in rate of $10 per session.

This is not covered as part of the team dues so if you are interested please discuss this with your parents and let me know as soon as possible (by Monday).  We can have the first class set up for Friday the 15th if I get back to them by this Monday with a head count.

Please send me an e-mail with a yes or a no by this weekend.