Calling all Tam High Mountain bike team members!

The ride is on. There is a chance of rain but we will move forward with the plan.

We are going to conduct skills clinics on our ride, regardless of the weather. If conditions are amenable we will continue with a team ride after the clinics.

The skills clinics will be brief but cover important basic skills every rider needs to know. We will be there to teach and evaluate all B and C group members. A group riders are welcome if they prefer, but the plan for the A group (with appropriate weather) is to conduct a ride only.

BE SURE TO CARRY LAYERS!!!…this means warm layers and a water repellant or waterproof jacket. Anyone who shows up at the Depot without proper clothing against cold and rain will not be able to ride with the team.

Most riders have completed their paper work and fees, but there are still a few outstanding athletes that have not completed everything and will not be able to participate without everything checked off.