Our Pre-Race meeting is this Tuesday, 2/23, 7pm in the Tam High Student Center. All riders and a parent are required to attend! We will cover Race Day information – including travel details, pre-ride schedules, and parent volunteer tasks.

Rule of the Day:


Parents shall comply with the helmet rule at all races (Rule 4). Parents riding bicycles without helmets shall be given two warnings. After a third infraction, the parent’s student-athlete will be penalized 25 points at the race where the infraction occurred. Parents are also expected to wear helmets for the following reasons:

• To set an example for the student-athletes
• There are limited emergency services on site
• All spectators at a NICA event are on the NICA permit/insurance and contribute to the overall liability
• It is not always possible for race officials to differentiate between parents and coaches
• NICA is concerned about the safety of all our participants and spectators

Here is a link to the NICA Rulebook