Per the NorCal League ‘singletrack times’:

Most categories will sell out, so as soon as you qualify, register.

All riders wishing to race at CA State Championships must START at least 3 races and FINISH at least one race within a certain percentage of all starters. To determine if you are qualified to register for CA State Championships do the following steps IN ORDER:

• Have I STARTED (you can DNF but must be listed in the results either as a point scoring rider or a
DNF rider) at least 3 SoCal or NorCal Series races in 2016?
o If YES go to next step!
o If NO, start additional races until you have started 3 races THEN go to the next step.
• Have I FINISHED at least one race within the percentage listed below for the field I raced in?
o Varsity Boys = top 100% (at 100% once you have STARTED 3 races you may register)
o Varsity Girls = top 100%
o JV Girls = top 100%
o Sophomore Girls = top 100%
o Freshman Girls = top 100%
o Sophomore Boys = top 70%
o Freshman Boys = top 70%
o JV Boys = top 55%
o JV Boys = top 55%
– If YES go to next step!
– If NO, you have 2 more chances to make it this year based on a 5 race series.
o To determine if you qualify find the field you raced in in race results.
o Count the total number of STARTERS (DNF riders count as starters) and place that number in
the bottom of a fraction,
o Find your placing in the field and place on the top of the fraction,
o Divide the top number by the bottom number,
o If the resulting quotient (the ‘answer’) is .70 or .55 or smaller (depending on your field), you
are qualified.
o You only need to qualify once. You DO NOT need to qualify at every race. Overall
standings do not count.
– Example: You finished 23rd out of a starting field of 34 riders in JV Boys. 23/34=.67
or 67%. JV Boys takes a top 55%. You DID NOT qualify.
– Example: You finished 23rd out of a starting field of 34 riders in Freshman Boys.
23/34=.67 or 67%. Freshman Boys takes a top 70%. You qualified.
• If you have reached this point, register as soon as possible! Fields are limited to 100
riders and some fields MAY sell out! Registration is first-come first-served for
QUALIFIED riders. If you register and are NOT qualified you risk losing your registration fees.
• Riders qualified on percentage but only having 2 starts may petition their League
Director for permission to register beginning Wednesday May 11th.

If you have any questions, please email me:

If you are planning on going, get a hotel room asap, the team does not have any rooms reserved.