Here is a video from the rider’s perspective of the course, which appears to be the same as last year’s. You will be pre-riding this Saturday the 21st but this will assist in visualizing the course beforehand, along with the map.

There is a long flat straight-a-way start then a steep switchback climb, then rolling terrain with ups and downs, then a fast single track descent to the finish line. A high percentage of this course is single track, so it’s a fun course. Passing is a little more challenging due to the amount of single track, but there are small fire roads sections interspersed.

The riding surface is more similar to Laguna Seca than other courses. It is dustier and of course the temperatures will be warmer, probably hot. Proper pre-race hydration and staying in the shade will be a key component of your preparation.

(Note Pearson and Hobey on the right at the start and Zach at mile 1 in the switchbacks.)

Los Olivos GoPro View

 Course Map