Tam fielded 4 teams of three at the annual Boggs 8 hour held at Wente Scout property outside Willits.  Thanks to the very generous sponsorship of Greg Allen Tam had 4 strong teams.

Julian and Liam defended their 3rd place result from last year, teaming up with Kaveh (who replaced Den as the third rider). These “boys” raced in the mens division “putting it down”, each posting incredibly fast lap times (4 laps each of 9 miles). Kaveh showed great  poise and stamina, helping the team get on the podium. Julian posted the fastest lap time of 41:02.

Here is Liam leading off for the Tam High 2 team with eventual winner Levi Liepheimer (#483), former Tour De France racer, on the right. Great lead-out and first lap Liam!


Here is a podium shot of Liam, Julian and Kaveh and well deserved applause from the crowd.


Other Teams did well, although were on track for better results.

ZiggyStardust (Hobey, Sean and Sal a friend of Sean’s) were on track for 10th place until Hobey suffered a flat and they could not recover on the last lap. They came in 16th place. Another team with Zach, Nate and Patrick came in 15th. Felix, Travis and Greg came in 29th out of 45 teams. Had Greg not suffered an Achilles injury on a fall on the last lap, they would have been in the top 12 or 13. We’re wishing you a speedy recovery Greg….sorry this happened on the last lap of the last race of the season.

All in all it was a great result for the Tam riders, coaches and ride leaders in this very unique event at a beautiful venue and an awesome course.

Our fantasy is that this course might be used for Norcal events if the Boy Scouts are open to the idea!

Here’s the lineup at the start…Quite a field!